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The Greek Island of Ikaria offers attractive investment and lifestyle opportunities for persons seeking to buy property in Greece and the Greek Islands. Below you will find current real estate listings of villas, houses, apartments and land properties for sale. Ikaria, The Greek Island of Longevity - Greece Is Although only an hour’s flight from Athens, Ikaria has an architectural, social and natural morphology that makes this northern Aegean island stand out from its neighbors. The lengthy, healthy life of its inhabitants is scientifically comparable to that of people in only three other places in the world, fueling Ikaria’s appeal in the esteem Holidays in Ikaria | Travel Guide | Visit Ikaria Holidays in Ikaria | Travel Guide Welcome to Ikaria, an unexplored, slow-paced, hospitable island in the Aegean Sea, Greece. Here you will find everything you need to know for unforgettable travel in life and time. The Island Where People Forget to Die - The New York Times 28.10.2012 · Unraveling the mystery of why the inhabitants of Ikaria, an island of 99 square miles that is home to almost 10,000 Greek nationals, live so long and so well.

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Inside Ikaria: Ikaria Island - Before you visit Ikaria, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. Island Ikaria Activity Tours (Armenistis) - 2019 All You Need to 18.08.2019 · Island Ikaria Activity Tours offers day tours and activities on Ikaria throughout the year. We also arrange multi-day all inclusive holidays. Experience the best of Ikaria's nature, traditions, culture & people with our team of energetic, knowledgeable and friendly local guides. Ikaria - Aegean Island of Nature, Wellness & Adventure - YouTube 12.04.2018 · Promo Video courtesy of Produced for the Ikaria Booth Exhibit at The American Association of Travel Agents Destination Greece Travel Expo at the Athens Hilton, April 14-17, 2018. Ikaria: die 10 besten Hotels – Unterkünfte auf der Insel Ikaria Reisende, die auf Ikaria in der Nähe vom Flughafen Ikaria (JIK) übernachtet haben, haben positive Dinge über die Unterkünfte Anthemis Hotel, Smaragdi Studios and Rooms und Κastro Ηotel gesagt. Auch folgende Hotels in der Nähe von Flughafen Ikaria auf Ikaria wurden gut bewertet: Almiriki Rooms, Hotel Filioppi und Atheras

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Ikaria, Greece - Blue Zones This tiny island’s long history has been as rocky as its topography. The outcropping in the Aegean Sea has been the target of invasions by Persians, Romans and Turks, forcing its residents inland from the coasts. The result: An isolated culture rich in tradition, family values – and longevity. Today, Ikarians … Ikaria - Greek Island of Longevity - YouTube

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Die 10 Besten Ikaria Angebote 2020 - TripAdvisor * Die Preise werden von unseren Partnern bereitgestellt und beinhalten den durchschnittlichen Zimmerpreis pro Nacht sowie alle Steuern und Gebühren, die zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung feststehen, anfallen und unseren Partnern bekannt sind. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf den Websites unserer History | Visit Ikaria Ikaria is very rich in historical inheritance, as it is shown from its monuments and the different findings from archeological excavations. Once you learn it, you will not forget it!Find details about its name, the myth of Icarus, the century of obscurity, the revolution of 1912, the Free State of Ikaria, the era of survivals from pirates, the exiles red island, communists.