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Redecan's CBD Shark Shock is a pairing of White Widow and Skunk #1. This strain, from Ontario's Niagara region, has very mild THC potency and compact  If you are searching for information about CBD Shark Shock from Seedsman, check out Please upload your CBD Shark Shock Review here to help the other  Shark Shock CBD is an intensely strong strain that is a cross between Skunk #1 and White Widow, which is why it is sometimes called Shark Widow or Great  CBD Shark, Mr.Nice Shark Shock crossed with a CBD rich variety to make a unique CBD plant for the Shark lovers. Short and strong plant. Fast flowering and a  6 Feb 2015 LIKE/SHARE - CBD Shark is a cross between Shark SHock and a High Variety CBD Strain. Purchased from Whistler Medical Marijuana 

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CBD Shark Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly CBD Shark is an 80/20 indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers an equal ratio of THC and CBD, a cannabinoid combination that helps patients treat an array of symptoms like pain, anxiety, and inflammation without the overly intoxicating effects induced by many high-THC strains. This clear-headed h ! CBD BLUE SHARK™ Cannabis Seeds | BARNEYS FARM® A Barney’s Farm / CBD Crew Collaboration. CBD BLUE SHARK™ is an Indica dominant strain created by a cross of Skunk #1 and CBD Enhanced. Blueberry was crossed with the classic Shark Shock and finally bred with our CBD enriched Sativa to give this outstanding result.

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Shark Shock, also known as both Great White Shark and Peacemaker, is an indica cannabis strain that produces a sour fruity taste with a skunky aroma – both baring undertones of fresh soil and wood. Some reviewers have noted its aroma is somewhat like garlic. This strain is the result of combining CBD Shark Shock - Jamaican Seed Bank CBD Shark Shock, the medicinal version of Shark Shock is a cannabis seed that originates from the "White" family of strains, winners of several awards in the 90's-00's that was crossed with a strain containing high levels of CBD. The remarkable medicinal properties of the thick resin layer that covers the flowers live up to its predecessors

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CBD Shark Shock (Seedsman) :: Cannabis Strain Info CBD Shark Shock is a CBD-rich hybrid of Mr. Nice's Shark Shock together with a high-CBD strain. It is 80% indica and 20% sativa and produces a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1. CBD Shark Shock is a short, sturdy plant that flowers in 8 weeks indoors. Outdoors it Dinafem – CBD Shark Shock | CannaGeneticsBank Shark Shock CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminised, Indica-dominant cannabis strain obtained by crossing a Shark Shock and a selected CBD Crew male, which has resulted in a high-quality medicinal strain aimed at those suffering from different medical conditions. Anyone get their CBD shark shock? Looking for a review on it. : I have a very low tolerance for THC. Anything too strong makes my anxiety spike like crazy. I ordered 3.5g of Shark Shock as my first legal purchase to see how it affected me, fully expecting to just be one of those people who can't smoke weed. It's really great. The high is very subtle and it doesn't last too long. It doesn't get me worked up Shark Shock Strain Review - I Love Growing Marijuana